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Web development - crack the code

You’ve planned your website, you’ve made the designs, so how can you turn this into a fully functioning website?

Developing your site

A well built website will have great benefits to you and your browsers. We all know how impatient we are as internet users, so here at MintTwist are expert coders build websites that are not only well designed and look great, but also:

  • Load quickly
  • Are reliable
  • Run smoothly
  • Are Google friendly

Complying to the standards

MintTwist set the bar high when it comes to web development. We aim not only to keep up with the latest development innovations, but more than this we aim to be at the forefront of them. The W3C set a good benchmark for MintTwist to work against, so you can rest assured that we’ll follow the correct procedures when developing your website.

Browse with confidence

Our research shows that people all over the world are using different browsers when they’re online. Ensuring your website looks great on Internet Explorer, Mozilla or Google Chrome is vital. We at MintTwist take all these variations into account when coding a website and aim to keep all your customers happy.

Make your website accessible to all

With the online revolution in full swing we understand the importance of making your website accessible to all your customers, however they are surfing and wherever they may be. We understand that...

  • making your website viewable on Smartphones or iPhones is highly important
  • ensuring your site looks as good in Arabic as it does in English is critical
  • allowing your customers with visual impairments to view your website with ease

Testing, testing ... 1, 2, 3

Once we’ve designed and built your website we don’t just stop there. Multiple rounds of rigorous testing will be done by MintTwist before we hand it over to you to play around with. Once you’re happy everything is working as it should be, we can press the button and make your website live. 


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