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iPhone and iPad Applications

Smarter, better, faster, stronger. No, not the new iPhone - MintTwist!

The fun stuff!

Our web design and development team love nothing more than the challenge of building a new iPhone or iPad app. Projects such as this give them a real fun and exciting test to create the perfect app for you. 

Here at MintTwist we’re experienced in designing and developing apps for a variety of clients. We can...

  • Make company apps
  • Design and build fun games
  • Create bespoke apps

The MintTwist team understand exactly how apps work and more importantly what makes them useful to our clients and their customers. Once we’ve met with our clients and discussed exactly what it is that you need, we can go-away and produce some stunning visuals. The next step would be to sit the developers in a dark and quiet room and let them get stuck into the coding. From HTML 5 to the latest coding languages, our team of developers build great applications.

Your app and beyond

MintTwist extend our services way beyond iPhone and iPad apps! Whether you need a Facebook, Smarthphone our Android application, our in-house team can help. Coupled with this our web marketing team can find new and innovative ways to help you get your app to as many of the right people as possible.

The growing trend for iPhones and iPads can no longer be simply ignored. The reality is that this is a new, funky and innovative way for you to market your business. The good things is that it’s not even that expensive!

Digitally delectable

By working with you to design, build, launch and promote applications, we will ensure you have a strong brand identity and presence in the digital arena.

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