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Facebook Apps

Staying ahead of the game on Facebook.

We Like applications

MintTwist’s web design and social media teams are constantly on the lookout for the latest social media trends and innovations. Our design team are trained in utilising the latest tools, techniques and processes in creating custom built Facebook applications.

Facebook has changed the Internet and whether you ‘like’ it or not it’s here to stay.   We endeavour to keep up to date with Facebook’s ever changing trends and how it can help you promote your company.

How can MintTwist help?

By using our expertise we can help you reach new targets on a platform that over 500 million people are using. Facebookers can simply not be ignored! MintTwist can help by;

  • Setting up a well designed company Facebook page
  • Helping you monitor Facebook activity
  • Create apps that make your Facebook page more fun and engaging for visitors
  • Help you make new friends

More than just apps

Setting up a Facebook fan page is a fun and creative process. If you haven’t done it already then you should do it......NOW. MintTwist research has shown that an ever increasing number of online searches are being done on Facebook, so if your company is not being found, then you are missing out on business.

MintTwist don’t just stop at Facebook, we can take your online presence even further by designing and building bespoke applications for your iPhone, iPad or Android device.  In addition to this we can do other mobile sites and applications.  So our advice to you is to not limit yourselves with just a website, take the next steps and embrace the multitude of platforms available to you online and take your branding to a new level.

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