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Email Marketing, Campaigns and Newsletters

Directly target your business at the people who want to know about it.

Stop the spam!!

Spam’s been around long enough for us to know that it doesn’t always work, it often just annoys and irritates the recipient.

Email is considered by many to be the biggest revolution of the digital era and has totally changed how we communicate with each other. Here at MintTwist we know that a well thought-out email campaign can help you reach new customers, re-engage old ones and make you more money.

Do MintTwist send emails to thousands of people and hope that some will read it?

The simple and straightforward answer is NO!

When MintTwist embark on an email marketing campaign we carry out a great deal of research to ensure your campaign provides a return on investment. As part of this process MintTwist will...

  • Research your target market
  • Design eye-catching templates
  • Send and monitor the emails
  • Provide reports and analytics on the campaign

How can I gauge my return on investment?

For every email marketing campaign we run, we can monitor and track the levels of success. By using sophisticated tools and  software we can let you know how many people have opened the email, how many have simply deleted it, how many have clicked through to your website and much, much more.

However you view email marketing, when it’s done correctly it can really help you reach new customers or re-connect with old ones.

Push your return to the max

Through our understanding of the online community, MintTwist provides both technical and marketing expertise to help you reach your target audience, communicate with your users and maximise the return on your investment.

In short we help you make more money. 

Detailed analysis, Targeted traffic - More conversions

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