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How We Work

We are here to help and learn about your business with the purpose of fully delivering a result perfect for your company. We have carefully built a robust working process and procedure offering you the best working plan and optimum project roadmap.

As shown below, our plan consists of four phases where we will work together closely you’re your valuable input.

First Phase - Getting to Know You

In the first phase, MintTwist will determine your needs and requirements. A face-to-face meeting is ideal at this stage. Even if you have yet to establish a clear vision for your project and don’t know what you want, don’t worry – our experienced team can help you with all aspects of the project. The following issues will be discussed:

- Your product and your brand

- Your target market and audience

- Your competitors

- Your design aesthetics

Second Phase - Commercial Proposal

After we have gained an understanding of your requirements, MintTwist will prepare a commercial proposal for the services that we feel are the most appropriate for your business. 

These include:

- Costs

- Deliverables

- Functionalities

- Timeframes

Third Phase – Project Kickoff

Once the proposal is accepted, MintTwist will start working on your project where we always deliver the work in an efficient and timely manner.

Fourth Phase – User Acceptance Testing and Go Live

Our objective is to improve your website and increase your profit. Therefore we keep improving your website design by creating new pages or redesign the existing pages, graphic production and much more. Followed by the next step, namely web development, which involves the web content development, the client and server-side coding, the configuration of the web server and so on. Not forgetting the online marketing part SEO, which always needed to be updating. It sounds complicated, don’t worry you can trust us, we are experts.

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